Tell Michelle Ugenti-Rita: Stop Promoting Violence!

Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita recently promoted a bill that she drafted that would make it legal for property owners to kill someone who defaces (such as graffiti) or damages property. Calling for and promoting violence like this is abhorrent and appalling. No inanimate object is more valuable than the life of a person.

This bill will disproportionately affect Black and Brown communities.  Buildings, products, and property can be replaced — but lives - Black lives, Brown lives - cannot. 

Please use our tool to send Sen. Ugenti-Rita an email, urging her to scrap all plans to propose this bill. This bill will do nothing but contribute to unjustifiable violence and murder of marginalized communities — especially Black and Brown communities. If she is not ready to scrap this bill and immediately apologize, she should not be serving as an Arizona state legislator.

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