Tell Gov. Ducey to VETO anti-LGBTQ+ Bill HB2035!

 ALERT: SB1456 was vetoed but is BACK as HB2035! Use our tool below to contact Gov. Ducey and demand he VETO this anti-LGBTQ+ bill!

On May 13th, the Senate Health & Human Services Committee passed HB2035 which is a complete copy of SB1456 which was vetoed by Gov. Ducey after facing massive backlash across the state. The bill attacks every aspect of safe, accurate and appropriate sexual education in the state of Arizona by creating unnecessary barriers to accessing the curriculum. Additionally, the bill also attempts to reintegrate into law the basis of "No Promo Homo" which was an infamous outdated Arizona law that banned the mentioning of any LGBTQ+ topics in the classroom.

This bill sneaks in a provision which would require parents to opt their students in/out of LGBTQ+ topics. This extends to mentioning the existence and history of LGBTQ+ events and figures such as the Stonewall Riots. This bill also deliberately ignores the fact that local governing boards already regulate sexual education. 

In 2019, Gov. Doug Ducey signed in SB1346, the full repeal of "No Promo Homo." Now, it is very possible that this anti-LGBTQ+ bill could become law again. Use our tool below to contact Gov. Ducey to demand he veto this anti-LGBTQ+ bill! 

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